Our Services

(1). Micro Finance and Insurance Program
  • Rural Micro Finance (RMC)
  • Urban Micro Finance (UMC)
  • Micro Enterprise (ME)
  • Micro Credit for Ultra Poor (UP)
  • Livestock Development Project
  • Micro Credit for Agrilcture Development Project Housing
  • Financing for Houses Hold Environment Restoration
  • Financial Support for Disaster Management
  • Seasonal Loan for Agriculture
  • Micro Credit for Domestic Biogas Plants
  • Micro Insurance for Mutual Enabling

2. Mother and Child Health Care and Family Planing Programm
  • Comprehensive Primary Health Care Clinic Mother and Child Satellite Center

3. Agriculture and Livestock
  • Marginal and Small Farmers Techonology Transfer
  • Participatory Livestock Development Project (PLDP-II)
  • Facilitation for Agriculture Marketing Services Project

4. Safety Net Programs
  • Development Suport service for women under the Vulnerable (VGD) Program.
  • Child Labor Reduction Project of Bangladesh

5. Renewable Energy and Environmental Programs
  • National Domestic Biogas and Manure Project
  • Rural Pipe Water Supply Program Project

6. Institutional Development Programs
  • Behavioral Change Communication and Skill Development Program
  • Voter Education and Election Monitoring Program